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Compassionate Genetic Counselors On-Site

Genetic Counseling

If you have a condition which places you at an increased risk for having a child with a genetic disorder, you are a candidate for genetics counseling if you so desire. At OC Maternal-Fetal Medicine, we partner with a well known genetics company which provides counselors on site. They have specific training and certification in the field of reproductive genetics.


The most common conditions for which a patient may be offered genetic counseling include the following:
1. The patient is going to be 35 years old or older at the time of delivery
2. The patient has a fetal abnormality diagnosed at the time of an ultrasound
3. The patient has family history of certain birth defects or genetic disorders (such as cystic fibrosis).
4. The patient has previously had a child with a birth defect.
5. The patient has a “positive” 1st or 2nd trimester screen through the California State Prenatal Screening program
6. The patient has a desire, for one reason or another, to know more information about the genetic composition of the baby (even if the screening tests are otherwise normal)

The genetics counselor will review with you your family history at length and determine your risk of certain disorders. If an increased risk is identified, the counselor will then discuss with you the options available regarding testing. It should be noted that the choice of whether to have any of these screening or diagnostic tests performed is completely up to you. Our intent is to help provide you with the most helpful and useful information to make informed decisions regarding the management of your pregnancy.