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Helping You Stay Healthy During a Multiple Pregnancy

Multiple Gestation

Having a twin or triplet gestation is a special blessing! But along with that special blessing comes the need for higher levels of surveillance. Twin and triplet gestations are associated with a higher risk of certain complications such as preterm birth, gestational diabetes, hypertension, and disorders of fetal growth. The average twin gestation delivers about 3-4 weeks before the patient’s due date; however, some patients are at risk for delivering many weeks earlier than expected. Dr. Kurtzman has specific expertise is the area of prediction and prevention of preterm birth, and we have had excellent outcomes with our patients with twins and triplets


At OC Maternal-Fetal Medicine, we are committed to assuring that our patients receive the highest level of surveillance and therapy to enable them to carry their pregnancies as close to term as possible, even when the risk of preterm birth is significantly increased. For example, assessment of cervical length by ultrasound is one of the most helpful tools to identify whether a patient will deliver sooner than expected. In patients with twin or triplet gestations, we follow cervical appearance regularly by ultrasound, allowing specific risk assessment throughout the pregnancy.

We also utilize other predictive tools and strategies to facilitate the best possible outcome for every multiple gestation. We will collaborate with your OB to strategize regarding the timing and usage of these risk assessment strategies. We will also assess the development and growth of your babies at regular intervals throughout the pregnancy to assure the wellbeing of each of the babies.