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Fetal Monitoring and Prevention of stillbirth

oc maternal fetal medicine
Of all the things that can happen during a pregnancy, one of the most devastating is the demise of a baby prior to delivery (resulting in a stillbirth). At OCMFM, we are passionate about keeping babies (and moms) healthy until that baby is safely in your arms! While not every stillbirth can be predicted and prevented, most can be prevented with high-level surveillance as the pregnancy progresses. In addition to routine fetal kick counts, this includes periodic assessments of fetal growth as well as fetal monitoring (when indicated) during the latter third trimester.

Patients who have any condition which places them at an increased risk of stillbirth are candidates for fetal monitoring (also known as “non-stress testing” or NST). Examples of patients needing this service would include (but are not limited to): maternal age 39 or older at delivery, diabetes (including gestational diabetes), hypertension (including gestational hypertension and/or preeclampsia), thyroid disorders, autoimmune disorders (including lupus), fetal growth restriction, marginal cord insertion, prior pregnancy loss, decreased fetal movement, or simply the need for reassurance in the setting of maternal anxiousness. Two additional indications for fetal monitoring include multiple gestations and pregnancies resulting from IVF (regardless of maternal age), both of which require ongoing surveillance in the 3rd trimester to assure ongoing fetal well-being.

At OCMFM, we have a very robust fetal monitoring protocol which includes not only assessment of the fetal heart rate (a “non-stress test”), but also assessment of fetal activity (a “biophysical profile”) and assessment of placental blood flow (Doppler assessment). Every test is reviewed by Dr. Kurtzman (at the time it is performed), and the results of the tests will be reviewed with you at the time they are performed. As such, as soon as your monitoring is completed, you will have the assurance that your baby is doing well, if any concerns regarding the baby’s well-being arise, a plan for further evaluation will be formulated immediately.